Filtration for Parenteral Nutrition

Parenteral nutition can’t be contaminated by particles, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. So how can we solve this problem. Filtration is the best answer. Membrane filters and filter bags are used widelly in water and parenteral nutrition.

Particle contamination occurs in parenteral nutrition. Precipitates can also occured in admixtures and remain undetected. They are harmful to people’s health.

High levels of particles in infusions can exceed the clearance capacity of the reticuloendothelial system. Observations of granulomata and microthrombi in the lung tissue of patients on IV therapy give some clue as to the potential pathogenic consequences of particle contamination in infusates; involvement in ARDS and MOF has been suggested.

So with 0.2um membrane filters, particles, bacteria, fungi and protozoa can be removed in parenteral nutrition industry.